Friday, July 20, 2012

In-Person Storytelling

How often have I had a senior member of our local community visit the classroom to talk stories with students about his or her life? Answer: Not very often.

I had the opportunity to hear Mrs. Bunny Hodgson speak about her childhood this week. Here are a few thoughts on my in-person storytelling experience.

I was able to hear Bunny's stories first hand, watch the expressions on her face and laugh as a group at the funny moments. I met her afterwards, asked questions and shook her hand. She smiled and I smiled back. I handled her original photos and artifacts and passed them around and talked with people about them.

Here's hoping our students will attend to a visitor's talk and be able to respond with questions and have a discussion when I try to find someone from our community to speak in the fall. This might depend on the visitor's topic and whether it is of interest to students. I know Skyping an author into the classroom has had good results.

I'll be making an effort to find a community connection and bring someone in to just "talk stories." If you have any suggestions on how I could enhance an in-person classroom visitor chat please let me know.

Pictured: Jamie Steel moderates a talk with Bunny Hodgson as she tells stories to a crowd of about 50 or so gathered at a recent 'Talk Tuesday' event at the Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre in St. Andrew's New Brunswick this past week.

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Mark A said...

Sounds awesome! Nothing beats a good yarning.